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"Wet Paint" Event at Chadds Ford Historical Society

John Chads' House, 1725. Chadds Ford, Pa. 30x24" Original oil on canvas.
Yesterday 24 artists headed out in the snow to paint various historic locations around Chadds Ford, ending the day with a "wet paint" show at the Historical Society. I decided upon John Chads' home, built in 1725, where Chads' wife observed Hessian and Continental troop movements from the attic window at the Battle of the Brandywine, September 11, 1777. It was a long day painting, but great synergy connecting with other artists... In the left mid-ground of my painting, you can see local artist Bill Basciani protecting his palette from the morning snow with an umbrella. The show will be on display for the next month at the Chadds Ford Historical Society.