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"I love the paintings!!! I am inspired every day as I sit and gaze at your artwork! Thank you for helping me create a space that energizes and delights me."
Mayor Carolyn Comitta
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Super cool!! Keep up the good work and I'm humbled that I could be a source of inspiration. Very much appreciated John! I'll keep at it if you do the same! Cheers! Asher"
Asher Roth
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"WOW! The painting of the house is awesome. I was totally surprised. Everyone who has seen the painting raves about it. Thanks for the time and effort you spent to make such a treasure."
Ken Hicks
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"We're thrilled and just love the painting! Thanks again... We will keep an eye on your artwork and hopefully buy more in future years. My husband and I have been admiring your work for quite some time."
Sinead and Wayne Cawley
Galway, Ireland

"You are an unbelievable artist with a talent for emotion that's unmatched. Mind-blowing artwork... this is my second painting and you do not disappoint.
P.S.- I gave one of your canvases to the American Ambassador. He has it on his wall."
Sheldon Radcliff
Moldova, Eastern Europe

"Your artwork is AMAZING... I like it so very much!!!!!! The art is an expression of pure love for everything in the world, and you express it perfectly."
Maria Pena Bobrek
Bogota, Columbia

"Great art work, great person. Watch his star rise!"
Craig Sturdevant
Jefferson City, Missouri

"It's hard to put in a few words the impact of your work on me and others. As you traveled across the country I was blown away by your videos. Not only did they capture your painting but they captured the whole ambiance of what you were seeing. They made my heart sing. And now my husband and I enjoy your painting of Meetinghouse Road every morning over our breakfast table. Knowing how profound and far reaching an impact you are having in the world, however, touches me even more deeply. Your very generous donation of both time and money to Friends Association for Care and Protection of Children will continue to impact the kids we serve for many years. The power of your positive intent is so strong and has such a ripple effect. I wonder if you really have any idea what a difference you are making in the world? Thank you from the bottom of my heart."
Lark Worth
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Each of our pieces brighten up the rooms they are in, and are now the primary focal point! They immediately catch the eye and attract only positive comments.
Hasu and Manju Gulab
Chivhu, Zimbabwe, Africa

"I LOVE the canvas! The colors are so vivid... They are absolutely gorgeous! I can’t wait to give it to my special friend... THANK YOU so much. I look forward to adding to my collection!"
Belinda Cartier
Ladera Ranch, California

"John's portrait of my 1700's farmhouse is amazing. It has so much movement and life that is so fitting for my house/recording studio. One can really see how much he gets into each environment when he works, and is impressively able to let that environment speak in his paintings. Even in the often low light of the farmhouse, the glow of the oils in this painting catch my eye every time I walk by it. It is very special to have."
Sam Kassirer
Parsonfield, Maine

"I love the painting! There is nothing I like more than to be surrounded by your art. I wanted to let you know how much I appreciate it. I have been looking at that painting for quite a while now. To have an original is an honor. Thank you so much!"
Jessica Templin
New York, New York

"I love your artwork and think it's amazing. You are an extremely talented and passionate artist who puts your heart and soul into everything you do. It is immediately obvious when viewing your work how much of yourself is in each piece. The effect is visually arresting and leaves me captivated. I am extremely impressed with your professionalism and the quality of the artwork. I would highly recommend you and I cannot wait for the next painting. Thanks again for everything."
Hilary Haake
West Chester, PA

"Excellent artwork, the best service possible!"
Carl Neill
Chicago, Illinois

"Awesome Art and Artist. Great to do business with."
Paul and Molly Bartkowski
Washington, D.C.

"Excellent experience. Very professional, prompt, and excellent service. High Quality Product. Best online transaction I've ever made. Thank you."
Chris and Marissa Hine
New York, New York

"WOW! Speechless! Your paintings are even BETTER in person! They completely brighten my day and take me to a world where anything’s possible. Fantastic Artist."
Erika Linsalata
Berwyn, Pennsylvania

"We are thrilled with the paintings! You really do nice work! We spent all dinner last night looking at your paintings, really analyzing and ENJOYING them. In fact, I just told Cate today that I like the pieces more with each passing day. We will also recommend your work to our friends. I'm sure we will gobble up a version of "West Chester Dream" when the time is right. THANK YOU!"
Joe Malloy and Cate Heaman
King of Prussia, Pennsylvania

"The paintings are exquisite! Love these pieces... captivating, amazing, superb. Brilliant artist. It is a genuine pleasure working with ArtPassionista! THANK YOU."
Nancy Dugan
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"I just wanted to to let you know how much I am enjoying your painting. My husband, Scott, knows how much I love that building, so when he saw your amazing painting, he knew it would be a perfect gift for me. I truly love the way you have captured the lincoln building....it is so magical. Thank you!"
Michele MacPherson
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"I love the use of color. The artwork grabs you and you feel a part of it... you cannot turn away. While many things come to mind while taking in John Hannafin's artwork, the most obvious of all is his unique interpretation of our Brandywine Valley pastoral scenes. Take a few moments to appreciate the lines, the colors, the strokes; They all are done with a liveliness and intention that invigorates your spiritual sense. His artwork is meant to be looked at, thought about, absorbed. In John's art work you can feel his sensitivity. If you have met John Hannafin he may seem a quiet person, yet in his artwork, he bears his soul. Keep an eye out for this emerging artist!"
Sarah Murray
Kennett Square, Pennsylvania

"I am honored to display in my home the beautiful paintings "Reflections on the Brandywine II & III." The passion conveyed in each painting allows for a vicarious journey especially through the incorporation of your videos. Your paintings bring to mind thoughts of serenity. You are truly an amazing artist with the ability to instill inspiration and personal reflection by your artwork as well as provide hope to so many people by your geniune care of others."
Pamela Casalena
Broomall, Pennsylvania

"Great Art!! Fantastic addition to my home and a great guy to deal with!!"
David Jao
Marietta, Georgia

"I am thrilled to own such a beautiful piece of quality artwork! I recently purchased "West Chester Dream," a work full of vibrant colors and so very unique! What an eye-catching conversation piece which greatly enhances the decor of my home!"
Kathleen Ruggeri
West Chester, PA

"Great artist and great guy! Pleasure doing business! Will definitely buy again! THANK YOU!"
Craig Churchill
Wolfeboro, New Hampshire

"Beautiful painting! We love seeing the bright colors in our kitchen everyday. We have recieved so many compliments on this fine piece of work. We are thrilled to have an original and look forward to viewing more pieces. Thanks and best of luck as you continue to create such fine works of art."
Jen & Chris Baggini
Radnor, Pennsylvania

"We are so happy we bought this painting! Not only is it BEAUTIFUL to look at, but it brings such GREAT ENERGY into our family room and house! We love it!
Thank you."
A. Foley
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Terrific painting. Very very pleased."
Drew Simpson
New Brunswick, Canada

"John is an incredibly gifted artist! John has rendered a beautiful painting for our kitchen and created a piece of history which will be passed down for generations. His perfectionism and intricate attention to detail is exceeded only by the love and passion he brings to his work. His painting is one of the most valued treasures in our home. It is truly priceless."
Jason Griffith
New Bedford, Massachusetts

"Your painting has now a prominent place in our living room and we get a lot of "WOW's" for it. There is also now a big empty space next to it... Therefore we plan to see you again soon. Your gallery has a lot a beautiful pictures."
Olaf and Steffi Geyer
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"EXCELLENT Painting. Looks Even Better Than Described!!!! Will Buy From Again!!! THANKS!!!!"
Rich Weringer
Danville, VA

"I recently purchased "West Chester Dream" online... Not only did we fill a special niche in our home, but with this artwork we created a thought-provoking, conversational space. The vividness of color and originality are really something to behold!"
Anne Lohr
Houston, TX

"This painting is unbelievable! Arrived within 2 days and I'm so excited! Awesome! A+++! Thank you so much."
Charity Haskin
Portland, Maine

Tresa Jordan
Nashville, Tennessee

"Great transaction, very creative artwork. Received painting in days... Thanks!"
Mary Miles
Baton Rouge, Louisiana

"ArtPassionista has brought life to the rooms of my business! The talent of these artists is phenomenal, as is the quality of each piece. Looking forward to more wonderful work!"
Christina Vagnozzi
Malvern, PA

"WOW, Amazing artwork... I love your concept of color."
New York, New York

"Your paintings are amazing. What talent. I'm seriously blown away."
Natalie Sheppard
Nashville, Tennessee

"We have hung all the paintings- In fact they were probably on the walls before you even got home. We are so delighted. The artwork is wonderful, especially because of the local scenes done by a local artist. Looking forward to seeing you again... Thank you!"
Ann Barton Brown
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"It was a pleasure to do business with ArtPassionista. The painting is WONDERFUL!!!!!"
Maureen Sloan
Nashua, New Hampshire

"ArtPassionista is a fabulous find! Having my photos output on canvas was amazing. A professional and excellent job! We'll be doing a lot of work together. Thanks!"
Deb Cenci, DH Cenci Fine Art Photography
Phoenixville, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to tell you how AWESOME I think you are!
You express yourself so beautifully in your art and in your words. I look forward to your e-mails and your insight and you always seem to put a smile on my face."
Renee Clements

"Your artwork is incredible."
Wendy R.
Royersford, Pennsylvania

"Your art is so Beautiful."
Shannon A.

"We are delighted to have your art hanging in our living room. Since coming together as a "blended family" a year ago, the first room you enter in our home had come together - but it lacked a unifying energy and theme. As soon as all of us (including the three little boys!) saw your painting we knew it would be the eye-grabbing centerpiece of our home - right over our mantel. It strikes everyone as soon as they enter the front door, and inspires comments from and dialogue with each of our visitors. It also is that unifying voice that has taken our living room and subtly transformed it into a room that is living with the energy of the family that inhabits it."
Sean and Kate Duncan
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"Thank you. Nice work and fast shipping. A+"
Christina Truax
San Antonio, Texas

"The colorful and inspiring energy that dances on the canvas draws you into the place where the eye of the artist first took in the beauty of the subect. Best wishes to a wondefully talented and spiritually aware individual!"
Jennifer Walker
Warminster, Pennsylvania

"WOW!!! You are extremely talented! Thank you so much...the painting is great!!"
Clark Wierdsma
Weehawken, New Jersey

"We just completed the custom framing and hung the two pictures. Both Carol and I really enjoy the art. We often stop and study the paintings. Each time we discover something different. They make a nice addition and add to the beauty of our home. We are very pleased with them."
Winston & Carol Banford
Bryn Mawr, Pennsylvania

"I wanted to let you know how much everyone loves their pictures. Thank you again for such great work and I will be ordering more soon."
Shannon Ross
Claymont, Delaware

"Simply Amazing."
Kim M.
Louisville, Kentucky

"We recently hung 'West Chester Dream' in our kitchen and we just love it! It really adds to the atmosphere of the room and we've gotten several compliments. Looking at the canvas, I feel such a strong personal connection to my beloved town of West Chester."
Florence Lu
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"I love your work. Absolutely inspiring."
Becca U.
Exton, PA

"I just got home and hung up my new piece of art... It's perfect. I love your artwork. I have a lot of photography in my home, but I've had a big wall that has been craving the depth and texture of your canvas... you can't get that from a photograph. Thank you so much."
Jennifer Kolb
West Chester, PA

"Fantastic. A Genuine Pleasure to Deal With. A credit to the art community. THANKS!"
Alan France
Center Valley, PA

Your painting arrived yesterday and is terrific! My son LOVES the canvas. This is his favorite Christmas present by far, and I can see why he has admired it for so long."
Diane Platt
Grosse Pointe Farms, Michigan

"My husband was absolutely thrilled and so surprised with his Christmas gift! West Chester Dream means so much to us. No matter where life's journey takes us, it will always remind us of this special chapter in our life -- the beginning of our marriage, the risk we took in building a business, and the most special part of all...the birth of our son. I can already fast forward 20 years from now and know the retrospective feeling of happiness it will bring to us. Thank you so much. We look forward to seeing your work to come..."
Renee Shafer
West Chester, Pennsylvania

"John, we immediately fell in love with your paintings for their passionate, whimsical nature. We purchased one and it now has a special place above our fireplace. It provides a wonderful contrast to the other paintings in our collection."
Chris and Susan Scholl
Westtown, Pennsylvania